Small and Sweet

Limited to 80 dancers. Enough room to dance well, and time to get to know your friends better. Saturday lunch served on-site.

When and Where

Feb 9-11, in beautiful Asheville, NC. Come Thursday to hike, shop, and dine downtown. Stay over for the Monday contradance.


Eminently affordable: $75 for the weekend; add $12 for Saturday lunch, or try a local restaurant. Limited housing available.

Performers We're so lucky!

Sharon Green simply loves welcoming newcomers to the joys of English country dance. She has worked with Christine Helwig, Fried de Metz Herman, Bruce Hamilton, and Gene Murrow, and supports both CDSS (in the US), and EFDSS (in Great Britain). You may well have danced to Sharon's teaching at Dance Flurry, the Down East Festival, Mainewoods Dance Camp, NEFFA, BACDS Fall Frolick, Lark Camp, Pinewoods English Week, BACDS English Week, and CD*NY's True Brit, Synergy, and Whirligig weekends. She has also been a frequent visiting caller and teacher at dances on both coasts, and has taught at festivals and workshops in Canada, the UK and Japan. Full bio

Jonathan Jensen has been called a “musical chameleon.” He plays bass for the Baltimore Symphony - as well as keyboard, mandolin, banjo, tin whistle and percussion, when the occasion calls for it. He also plays piano for local folk and ballroom dance groups, and mandola with the Baltimore Mandolin Quartet. Wait, there's more ... he's also a songwriter and published arranger/composer - the Baltimore Symphony has performed two of his orchestral arrangements on international tours. In the ECD world, he's best known for composing music (lots of music!) which inspires new dances. Full bio

Mara Shea is a classically-trained violinist from North Carolina. You may have seen her at Pinewoods, the John Campbell Folk school, and other ECD balls and weekends in the US and Canada. She loves Scottish, Irish, and other music from the British Isles, but especially dance music. She's a frequent performer for Scottish country dances, English country dances, and Irish set dances, as well as contra dances, parties, and concerts with bands The Elftones (with Roger Gold), Heather Hills (with Dave Wiesler), and All The Pretty Horses (with Rhiannon Giddens). Her goal: to have fun and make good music! Full bio

Weekend Schedule


  • 7:00 pm Registration opens.
  • 7:30 - 10:30 pm Welcome Dance


  • 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Workshop: Dancing to the Tunes of Jonathan Jensen

    America’s gift to the world of Modern English country dance, Jonathan has written tunes that have inspired choreographers as diverse as Gary Roodman, Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, Fried de Metz Herman, Belgium’s Philippe Callens, Canada’s Liz Goossen, and, inevitably, Sharon Green.

  • 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch

    Pre-register for the on-site lunch, or find a restaurant on your own.

  • 2:00 - 3:30 pm Workshop: Thinking in Threes

    Dancing in triple time: 3/2, 3/4, 9/8. Not your ordinary, “four potatoes” movement, but triple meter in all its variety. If you are accustomed to dancing to duple meter tunes, adjusting to dancing to triple time tunes can be tricky. Some figures need to be more compact; others, more expansive. We’ll explore a sampling of triple time dances (17th century hornpipes, minuets, slip jigs, traditional waltzes, modern waltz variants) and master the art of thinking in threes

  • 7:00 - 7:30 pm Evening Waltz
  • 7:30- 10:30 pm Evening Ball


  • New location: Warren Wilson College Bryson Gym, Swannanoa, NC 28778
  • 10:00 am - 12:30 pm Morning Dance

Logistics We take care of you.

We'll try (try...) to put you up with local dancers if you need housing. Sign up for lunch on Saturday, and sit around the dining hall/kitchen with your friends and talk about what moves you. We pretty much know what you need.

Friday and Saturday, we're at the Center for Art and Spirit, a lovely hall with a great floor. (Note: Don't go to School Road East; CAS is on School Road in West Asheville.)

Sunday morning we're at Warren Wilson College's Bryson Gym, also nice and with plenty of space. It's 15 minutes east of Asheville, in Swannanoa.

Prices Affordable, we hope!

Full Weekend: $70.00 until Feb 3; $75.00 after Feb 3.

Individual tickets: may be available at the door, space permitting

  • Friday Welcome Dance: $20.00
  • Saturday ECD Workshops, each: $12.00
  • Saturday evening ball: $25.00
  • Sunday Morning Dance: $10.00

Drat, we're full! But ...

... we'll be glad to put you on our waiting list.

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